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· GPS X event site launched

01/May/2007 - 20:00

· Announcing GPS X - GamerEXPO

25/April/2007 - 22:37

· Gody Professional Series #10 - JátékEXPO

25/May/2007 - 27/May/2007

· Gody Professional Series #9

16/September/2006 - 17/September/2006

· Gody Professional Series #8 - JátékEXPO

26/May/2006 - 28/May/2006

· Gody Professional Series #7 - Invexcup

22/October/2005 - 23/October/2005

· Gody Professional Series #6

05/August/2005 - 07/August/2005

· Gody Professional Series #5 ESWC

20/May/2005 - 22/May/2005

· Gody Professional Series BroodWar

05/March/2005 - 06/March/2005

· Gody Professional Series #4

28/January/2005 - 30/January/2005

· Gody Professional Series #3

30/July/2004 - 01/August/2004

· Gody Professional Lan #2

09/April/2004 - 11/April/2004

· Gody Papa Lan

19/December/2003 - 21/December/2003

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GPS X event site launched

peza - 01/May/2007 - 20:00

We launched our next event's – the GPS – event site. You will find all official informations about the event at this site.

More information:


Announcing GPS X - GamerEXPO

peza - 25/April/2007 - 22:37

Under translation.

The Gody Professional Series started on the winter of year 2003, with 24 teams at Szolnok city.

After the event, the positive response from the players made the basis for the improvement of the series: the spring event of 2004 attracted 48 teams to be challenged at a superior place, with more ideal circumstances. The development didn't stopped, at the summer of 2004 64 teams could enter the competition in the so far biggest hall. In 2005 january on the Gody Professional Series 4th Event again 64 teams became the possibility to enter the competition. The winter caused lots of troubles, but the new location, the upgraded technological solutions and the activity programmes organized by the staff made this cold weekend unforgettable for both players and visitors. The spring competition became the next step from the "evolution", the National Preliminary from Electronic Sports World Cup was held in Szolnok. The main prize was of course the trip to Paris to the Grand Finals, but the small prizes for mini competitions, also the well succeded lottery and the cheer has made everyone's weekend an unforgettable experience.

The secret of the events is multiple. The prize of the Gody Professional Series is unusually high and the competitors got various attendance. The complete profit of the events - including the entry fee - was turned back into the prize.

The know-how applied by our professional team, the most recent information technology and the internet based possibilities are the base of the Gody Professional Series' success. With all this facilities and talent around, the Gody Professional Series is Hungarys' current mark to reach in these - at the moment lesser known - fields of entertainment.

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